Swimming Lessons

Torview is a great place to learn to swim!

30 minute group lessons Monday thru Friday, 5 weeks available 8AM, 8:30AM, (11:30AM, 12:00PM - MEMBERS ONLY)

$50 per week for members $90 per week for non-members

Weekend Saturday AM Lesson 8AM, 8:30AM

$50 for 5 weeks for members $90 for 5 weeks for non-members

Land Activities $25 per week for members only

If you have any questions related to signup, please email swimlessons@torview.com

Important information about sign-up process:

  • The sign-up link will take you to our registration system.

  • You then see a tab for swim lessons (in blue box area) and select that.

  • Once you view this page, if want to sign-up for a lesson you will need to log in.

  • Lessons and other activities are referred to as ‘camps and classes’.

  • Members log in with your ID and Password

  • Non-Members you will need to register on the system first and once completed you will have access to signup for Swim Lessons.

  • You will be able to select open slots based upon the calendar/schedule.

  • All payments will be via credit card.

  • Please pay attention to sign-up cut off date so that you are able to join the class of preference.

  • Please also pay attention to the cut off date for cancellation so that you do not jeopardize any reimbursement if needed.You